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Las Rosas kickstarter
Hey all! If you don't mind, I wanted to plug a kickstarter I'm helping out, the Las Rosas webseries kickstarter. It's made right here in Western Sydney. It's a live action telenovela about sisterhood, growing pains, and the importance of keeping your culture alive.

If that interests you, or if you just want to help us out, we have less than 40 hours left to donate! If you do so before 9am Saturday (Aussie time) it'll get doubled by their angel donor!

Just 5 dollars gets your name in the credits, but I also helped design the various merch you can get in higher tiers: stained glass inspired desktop wallpapers/ postcards, even a cool hat with a rose decal on it! Check it out!

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Sorry it's so close to the wire, but hopefully people see this, haha
I spent the last two weeks working on a submission for Achievement Hunter's Animator contest . Take a look at it on youtube and give it like if you so choose (I think the contest is by likes). I believe more people's entries will be uploaded over the week, so look out for those as well. I updated all my old AH designs for this, crazy how much can change in a few years.
Hello all! I hope you're all having a very happy holiday =).

For most of the year, I have been working on my major project for class, a 2D animation called GryphonHeart High, and it's finally complete! Go and watch, I hope you all like it =).

I acted as project manager for the 5 person group, which includes King-Char and Peegeo, Benjamin and Teresa. Enjoy!

So I figured it was time to address the fact that I haven’t been making minecraft title cards lately. It’s kind of a mix of being stuck in an unproductive rut and school work. So I’ve decided instead of having to adhere to a schedule for my fan art, I’m going to slow down on the title cards a bit. I’ll probably make them when I’m feeling a really good idea, or for big let’s plays, but more often, I’m going to sanction more time to other things I’ve been wanting to do. Thanks for sticking around guys, here’s hoping you stick around for more :)
Hey, all. For college, I'm supposed to set up a blog to post my drawing and such. It's all sketches, tutorials and assignments so I'm uploading them to a new tumblr site you can click right below

Now i'm off to scan my entire drawing fundamentals sketchbook.
I'm attending an animation course for the next two years so you'll probably see more school art later on. I'll also try to draw more fan art and comics this year, and hopefully this course will increase the quality of my artwork.
I've finally gotten around to posting my HSC visual project! I'll post pages daily and stagger things out a bit, we'll see how things go.
Here's the page to the gallery.…
Welcome 2012. Yeah that's all I want to say.
I figure, If I ever want to reboot my universe like DC has done recently, I'd probably just make new characters. Multiple continuities are fun, but not when they cancel each other out. Everything just gets confusing and I'd probably get stuff mixed up.
You should totally watch this! like a lot! Wheezy waiter made a hilarious video for intel and if it gets 200,000 views they'll donate 25 k to It has. 51,000 views. THIS CANNOT STAND. we have until august 31! I know they should give the money either way, but they might not and the video's pretty awesome anyway.…
BAM. I'm, sorry, just inappropriate with the eggs and the angles. Yeah. Wow.
oooooone. Yay? I have school now, so no more daily stuff. I might start trying to put sketches and pictures on the weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to use these minor characters.

I've also recently watched the final Harry Potter. It had a lot more explosions than part 1, so I approve. I wore a slytherin tie and got annoyed when they sent the entire house to the dungeons for one offender. Look of annoyance.
Do any of the 1-5 people who look at my journal look at Extra Credits on the Escapist Magazine? If you think videogames are more than children's card games, you should watch them. They once did an episode that covered the major difference between aesthetics and graphics. Basically, say they made a masterchef or top chef game on the PS3. My best bet is that it would look worse than Cooking Mama on the DS. Woah, hold your angry squids of anger young'un. This hypothetical PS3 game may have better graphics, HD and what not, but it's 'aesthetic' would be real people made into computer graphics, and we all know that doesn't look so great.  Cooking Mama has pretty standard graphics, but it's aesthetic matches it's style and actually works with it's peripheral in terms of looks and gameplay. This is what irks me about wii/DS games that try to look like PS3/XBOX graphics. Tim Burton's Alice in wonderland on the DS changed it's aesthetic and looks quite nice compared to the game on other platforms although I don't know how it plays.

Anyway, I'ma segue dance into comics here.

'dance dance'

I once saw a review website that didn't like XKCD. Now, a lot of the comics they reviewed had very good points. But they said they hated the 'bad' art in XKCD that as you know is basically stick figures. But lemmee tell you. Amazing life like art means bull hugs if it doesn't match your comic's look. XKCD has stick figures because it's a nerd comic. He makes maths jokes. What better aesthetic to use than an art style that looks like an equation? Mind blown right? If XKCD guy paid too much attention to faces and human proportions, than his jokes would have less of an impact in my opinion. It's the little things.

Comics don't really have a formula to make them. You don't need amazing graphics, you don't even need words, I mean look at The Arrival by Shaun Tan. Comics are about integrating different mediums to tell a story, If the words and pictures don't match up, it won't send your meaning across.

Hopefully i'll be able to develop an aesthetic for my comic that works well with my work, not just look pretty.

Thanks for listening, or reading or glimpsing upon it or whatever

-Did you know you're awesome?
Ooh a journal. Is this like a blog? I wonder what the quota for stupid things I can say here... Hm. I just noticed what they meant by 'skin' in the profile page. Yeah, that happened. Life complete.

Hmm.. I'm displaying hesitance despite this being in writing.

Lessee... I'm a nerdfighter. So many of my mannerisms come from the vlogbrothers…
or wheezy waiter…. If you wanted to know. I'm sure you don't.  

I've had all of my ideas churning in my head for an incredibly long time. I've gone through story lines I haven't written with characters I haven't shown anyone. When you have an entire story already playing out in your head, it's hard to remember that no one else knows what you're talking about. I have a lot of work to catch up on. Hopefully In time I'll have put everything in my head onto paper. Or on the computer. Or whatever. I'm going to be putting up buildings sometime soon. All of my creations exist in one world that's kind of like Earth, but definitely in it. Therefore I have to populate it with buildings, people and history. These buildings are going to range from restaurants to camera shops and hopefully they'll give you all an idea of how insane I am. I mean how quirky my insanity is. I mean i'll just stop now.